News Roundup: Hadoop, Hadoop and More Hadoop


For a long time, it seemed like news-worthy announcements happened about twice a year, in a 30-day period, and they all happened at once. That was OK, because I could spend the next six months playing catch-up by providing you with more in-depth interviews and analysis.

Boy, has that changed since this whole "Data-Driven Enterprise" and Big Data stuff happened. There’s so much news in the integration and data space now, that even the big tech sites aren’t keeping up.

So I’m re-instituting Friday wrap-ups of news events and upcoming webinars, starting with this post. My hope is it’ll help keep you informed of what’s new in the industry, as well as give you a heads-up on any worthy webinars or events in the week ahead.

And now, ladies and gentleman, the best of my inbox this week …

The push to make Big Data, particularly Hadoop, easier and more accessible continues with several new product offerings this week:

Real-time Hadoop. If you’re curious about real-time use of Hadoop, then you might want to investigate StreamBase Systems’ recent announcement. The company used Flume — which is the part of the open source Hadoop stack that lets you put data from other systems — to build an integration for its complex event-processing platform (StreamBase CEP) with its low-latency data warehouse and BI solution (StreamBase Live View). What this means is you can stream Hadoop stores and do real-time analytics on things like log event flows. Use cases: Fraud detection, ad placement and social sentiment analytics, done in real-time.

Midmarket Hadoop. Want to jump into new data but don’t have the on-staff expertise and can’t afford a systems integrator? Then a new solution by Zettaset and Hyve Solutions might be of interest. Basically, what the company has done is build a Big Data appliance by licensing IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights analytics software to run on its Hyve Solutions BigD “purpose built” data center servers. Zettaset added the service management safeguards and monitoring features. Fun Fact: The press release notes it took over 200 IBM research scientists to build the InfoSphere BigInsights software. It's built on Hadoop, which was created by one man and named after a child's stuffed elephant. Truth. Use cases: Midsized companies that need a plug-and-play way to analyze Big Data and servers with a small footprint.

Move your “Normal” Data to Hadoop. If you know MapReduce, you can ignore this one. But if yours is one of the many IT departments that does not have a MapReduce expert lounging about, then you might want to know about Pervasive Software’s new Hadoop Edition of its Data Integrator. It’s a “high performance” way, says Pervasive’s CTO, to load and export data from traditional data stores into the Hadoop HBase database. What’s really cool about this one? This ETL tool is free for development and prototyping, so you can tinker with it. Use cases: You’ve got data in traditional databases and you want to move it to Hadoop without learning MapReduce.

In-Memory NoSQL Cloud (You heard me)

It may look like I’m just listing keywords, but, no, this is actually a new offering. At GigaOM Structure LaunchPad 2012, Garantia Data this week revealed a beta release of an “in-memory, NoSQL cloud service offering reliable Memcached and infinitely-scalable Redis data store systems.” That’s quite a mouthful, and I’m not even going to try to explain it. Strictly speaking, I don’t cover infrastructure — unless, of course, I can connect it, however so thinly, to integration. Since I recently wrote about the possible integration ramifications of in-memory, I’m cheating and sharing this one. What’s great about this? It’s in beta and is free to early adopters for now, so if any of that speaks to you, why not check it out? Use Case: A web company or a website with seasonal or occasional fluctuations in traffic and performance needs.

Free Resources for the Week of June 25-29:

The TCO on PaaS. Running middleware in the cloud can save you money, but not all PaaS solutions save equal amounts of money, according to WSO2. To help you do the math on that total cost of ownership, the middleware company is offering a free whitepaper that explains the architecture requirements for PaaS, “Cloud Native Advantage: Multi-Tenant, Shared Container PaaS.” And since I know you’re wondering: Yes, WSO2 does offer a cloud-based PaaS solution.

Tuesday, June 26. 4 p.m. EST.

Offering self-service BI. Veteran analyst Wayne Eckerson will discuss how IT can set up self-service analytics during the Bloor Group’s weekly Briefing Room.

Wednesday, June 27. 1 p.m. EST.

Better BI: Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson will talk about how you can use data virtualization to add agility and low-latency to your Business Intelligence apps.

Is Big Data paying off? GigaOm Pro will host a free analyst roundtable webinar that will look at how early adopters of Big Data are doing.