New Goodies for Your Integration Competency Center

Loraine Lawson

If your company operates -- or is thinking about opening -- a real-time integration competency center, you might want to check out the recently announced offerings from Informatica. According to the press release, PowerCenter 8.5 and Informatica Data Quality 8.5 offer features uniquely designed to support integration competency centers. A few of the offerings:

  • PowerCenter 8.5 offers changed Data Capture from a variety of transactional systems so you can synchronize data across different applications, including ERP and mainframe applications.
  • Data Quality 8.5 helps ensure data quality by allowing business users to validate addresses and check for duplications when entering data at the point of entry.
  • Scalability. One client reported it can take data feeds from 700 advertisers and push them into a relational database before sending the information to nearly 7,000 publishers.
  • Enhanced security. PowerCenter includes a new data masking option for sending sensitive data. It also has role-based access control across distributed ICC teams.
  • A new data migration tool that helps with best practices in data migration, including automating repetitive tasks such as maintaining reference data.

Microsoft-Friendly, Human-Centric BPM. Forrester released the fourth quarter summary of human-centric Business Process Management suites, resulting in press releases from several of the leading vendors: Global 360, Metastorm and Ultimus. If you're unsure what differentiates human-centric BPM from run-of-the-mill BPM, check out our Q&A with the Forrester analyst who wrote this report. Each suite was evaluated on 150 criteria, including the ability to execute on processes and to integrate systems. The report looks at a different aspect of the human-centric BPM market each quarter, and this time, Forrester focused on Microsoft partner vendors that offer products for Windows and .NET. In August, the report looked at Java-oriented products, and the executive summary for this quarter recommends companies, particularly large businesses, look at both types of vendor offerings.

Interested in master data management? Initiate Systems is teaming up with Group 1 Software, Inc. -- which is owned by Pitney Bowes -- to offer a MDM solution. Essentially, it will build on Initiate's MDM platform, which you may recall was chosen by North Dakota to resolve data issues in its Medicaid program, but add Group 1's customer data quality offering. The MDM gathers all the data and gives you a comprehensive view, while the customer data integration functions make sure the address data is up-to-date and accurate -- which, you know, was what I thought was the whole point of MDM.

IBM Adds Real-Time Data Retrieval, Recovery Technology. IBM announced today it has bought Solid Information Technology. As usual, the big news isn't the acquisition, but what it can do for IBM and, by extension, IBM customers. With the acquisition, IBM can add real-time data access capabilities to its portfolio of database and information management offerings.

According to the news release, Solid Information Technology brings to IBM two specific new capabilities:

  1. In-memory database technology that can quickly retrieve data from RAM, which means businesses can store and access data up to 10 times faster than they can with traditional disk-based database systems.
  2. A database server that can recover from system failure within milliseconds, with very little hands-on administration. IBM notes that this means nearly uninterrupted data availability.

IBM plans to add Solid Information Technology's products into its Software Group as part of its Information Management Software division. Look for this to impact IBM's disk-based data servers, DB2 and Informix Dynamic Server.


GoldenGate Real-Time Data Integration Certification. GoldenGate Software now offers a certification program for IT professionals. GoldenGate Software sells a Transactional Data Management solution, so the certification is for customers and partners who would use their solution for real-time data management and integration. The program offers three levels of certification, starting with the associate level, which measures fundamental knowledge of GoldenGate's solution and climbing to GoldenGate Master, a certification only awarded after you've demonstrated a "benchmark achievement" in the real world. Some big-name GoldenGate clients include Dell, MGM, the Mayo Clinic and DIRECTV.

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