New Data Integration Product Promises Lower TCO


There's a new data integration player in town. expressor software is expected to ship a new product in mid-July. What makes expressor worth watching? According to this analysis by Dr. Dave Waddington, senior vice president and head of research for The Information Difference, three things set expressor apart from the other ETL data integration offerings:

  1. Its pricing model. expressor employs a usage-based runtime pricing approach, so you pay only "for a maximum level of parallelism on a given machine." You can start out with a six-month to two-year term license. Waddington points out this could add up to a lower total cost of ownership for companies. The perpetual license starts at $20,000.
  2. expressor -- as a new product -- was designed from the get-go with the capabilities and features established vendors had to "add in" over the years.
  3. It's semantically aware. I see this term all the time, and I'm confused by it, particularly in this context, but Waddington thinks it's significant. He also notes that expressor "incorporates 'hundreds and thousands' of built-in data item correlations covering a broad range of vertical markets" -- which strikes me as far more specific and significant.

If you're interested in expressor's new product, you might also want to read Bloor Research Analyst Philip Howard's May 21 review.


In other integration news:


Getting Green with Real-Time Data Integration. Speaking of Philip Howard, he wrote an interesting piece, published last week, on the green value proposition of real-time data integration. His premise is that real-time data integration cuts out the need for batch processing, which is obviously an energy- and resource-intensive task. It's a quick read and well worth consideration, given today's focus on energy costs.


SaaS Integration Solved? InformationWeek ran a short piece last week on three new solutions to the challenge of integrating SaaS solutions. One solution -- the Cast Iron appliance -- I had mentioned previously, and, by the way, I'd hardly call Cast Iron a startup. But the other two are new. One is from Boomi. The company announced this week it has raised the first round of funding it needs to offer Boomi On Demand, an integration-as-a-service product. Boomi On Demand will integrate both SaaS products and on-premise software via the cloud. Already, Boomi claims Salesforce.com, NetSuite, Intacct, Taleo, OpSource and Zuora are already on board as customers, according to Information Week. The article also discusses SnapLogic's new offering, Ec2, which works with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. SnapLogic specializes in open source data-integration tools.


AmberPoint's New Systems Integrator Partner Program. AmberPoint is now offering a Systems Integrator Partner Program. The program offers systems integrators a set of tools to help with implementing AmberPoint's runtime SOA governance solutions. There are two levels of membership -- an entry-level Systems Integrator Starter Kit and a more comprehensive program that offers additional services and resources, including options for custom integration and SOA assessment toolkits.