MuleSource Offers Enterprise-Class Open Source SOA Governance


MuleSource announced this week it's offering an open source SOA governance solution -- a timely move for MuleSource, given a recent Butler report linking SOA failure to a lack of governance.


Mule Galaxy Enterprise is, as the name suggests, for enterprise use, with clustering and an extensible query engine, Integration Developer News reports. The new offering builds on Mule Galaxy Community Edition, but includes new features such as support for Microsoft Office documents, support for service lookup and proprietary data types or in-house applications, and a fault-tolerant deployment that helps ensure the registry/repository is never down.


The article reports that it's offered as a subscription product and can be used as a standalone component.


If you're not sure what features you should look for in a SOA governance solution, check out SOA expert David Linthicum's recommendations in this InfoWorld post, "SOA governance Dos and Don'ts."


In other integration news:


A fan of QuickBooks and Salesforce.com CRM? Then you might want to check out Apatar OnDemand, a new hosted integration solution that synchronizes data between QuickBooks and Salesforce.com. According to the press release, it's designed for business users and can be set up within 30 minutes via a browser. It allows one- or two-way syncrhonization of account, contact, order and opportunity data. You can set it up for a one-time or recurring synchronization. Apatar On-Demand supports QuickBooks Pro, Premium, Enterprise 2003 and QuickBooks 2007. You can access it at AppExchange.


Integration Fast Transfer Solution with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework. Aspera offers a suite of software products designed for fast transport of digital files. If you've messed with media files at all -- and I'm assuming you have if you're online -- you know this is no small problem. This week, Aspera announced its software will integrate with the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework. The result is you'll be able to move digital content "at maximum speed with unprecedented bandwidth control, complete security and uncompromising reliability," according to SOA World Magazine.