More Focus on Connecting MDM with Cloud Data

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In my previous post, I looked at what you should consider before you invest in an MDM tool. But there was one, relatively new issue absent from that discussion: MDM and the cloud.


I'm certainly starting to hear more about MDM and the cloud, both in terms of on-premise MDM solutions that will manage cloud-based data or actual MDM solutions that are themselves based in the cloud.


And you can see how this will become an even bigger consideration as more companies move data into the cloud. (Not to mention all those Salesforce.com users.)


Most recently, Informatica unveiled its Informatica MDM 9.5, and a big part of the marketing briefing covered how the on-premise solution will now support mastering cloud-based data, including social media data from sites like Facebook.


In fact, the demo for social media support was pretty darn impressive and just a tad alarming, since it allows companies to pull in Facebook data about customers and their friends, and match that with other customer information - such as purchase history and wish lists. (FYI: Informatica is aware of the creepiness factor and warns that this is something companies will have to consider - a sort of "no really, caveat emptor" approach to the question of privacy consequences and potential backlash.)


There's also Data Scout, which provides MDM-type support for Salesforce.com. However, it runs as part of the Salesforce app, so I'm not sure how complete an MDM solution that is. It does say it can deduplicate and consolidate data from external databases, but I'm not sure whether it can act as a hub for master data or if it's more master data for Salesforce.com specifically.


These aren't the only vendors targeting the cloud. Orchestra Networks claimed to be the first cloud-based MDM solution when it launched last year. A few months later, Orchestra Networks announced a new offering in partnership with data integration company SnapLogic.


At the time - and this was nearly a full 12 months ago - Gartner's Andrew White seemed a bit skeptical about master data management and the cloud, pointing out that while Gartner believes MDM in the cloud will happen, the value proposition just isn't quite where it needs to be.


"One has to remember, MDM is as much about application information governance, so unless those applications reside in the cloud, moving data outside of the firewall simply adds more complexity," White wrote.


Gartner predicted MDM software revenue will be a $1.9 billion market this year, which would be a 21 percent increase over last year.