Meet Swordfish, An Open Source SOA Framework from Eclipse

Loraine Lawson

Eclipse is developing an open source SOA framework, InfoWorld reports.

Called Swordfish, it will be an SOA runtime platform that uses Service Component Architecture (SCA), Java Business Integration (JBI), and Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi), according to the article.

The Swordfish team's stated goal is to make the "framework usable for a wide range of applications -- from embedded systems to enterprise environments." It's supposed to be out by the third quarter of this year. I'm not sure I'd hold my breath, since according to the Swordfish blog, so far it has accomplished two things:

  1. The initial code contribution, which is promising.
  2. Created a logo, which is not so promising, but is quite nice.

SOA goes to India. It was bound to happen: SOA's gone offshore.


Well, to be specific, Zensar Technologies, an IT and business-process outsourcing company based in India, has partnered with SOA Software, which sells SOA life-cycle management/governance solutions. Zensar essentially will act as a global partner on SOA Software implementations and in return, SOA Software gains access to Zensar's client base in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, according to this press release.


SOA Software works with most SOA-based platforms, including IBM, SAP and Microsoft. In fact, just in October, I interviewed SOA Software Executive Vice President Roberto Medrano about the company's new standing as a Microsoft Gold certified partner.


But Network Computing notes that this partnership does make Zensar one of the "few offshore firms with an in-depth SOA offering ..."


It's easy to see why. In general, integration and architecture aren't functions you just hand over to an outsourcer.


It's more likely that outsourcers will benefit because SOA makes it easier to outsource underlying applications, as the Network Computing analysis points out.


I suspect we'll hear more about India-based SOA offerings in the near future, an easy prediction given the fact I've seen at least two items about it this week.


According to this India Computer Online interview Steve Au Yeung, BEA's senior vice president for the Asia-Pacific region, India is expected to be the fastest-growing market for SOA in Asia, with a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent from 2006-2009 -- a bit of an unusual statistic, but impressive.


Need batch-processing help? Tidal Software recently released an updated version of its Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, which gives IT a centralized, graphic interface for automating and running batch processes. New version 5.3 supports VMWare, as well as offering support for SAP's XBP. The press release notes it also "validates" the software operates with Oracle E-Business Suite 12 and Microsoft Vista desktop and Windows Server 2008. The new version also lets you consolidate enterprise scheduling in one job scheduler. You can find a nice synopsis of additional functions on Enterprise IT.

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Hi Loraine,It wont be a technical comment but I have been reading your blogs for so long and I really appreciate your writing skills. I feel proud to say that you are my role model as a blogger.Best Regards,Vikas jain Reply

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