Marketing: Your New Integration Ally

Loraine Lawson
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Strategic Integration: 10 Business-Building Tips

Ten ways that companies can use integration and integration-related strategies to build business.

If you're looking for an integration ally, drop some doughnuts off at the marketing department and have a chat with the CMO.


Ninety percent of marketing leaders want more and better integration between off- and online data, according to a recent survey of 376 marketing executives by the Kern Organization, a direct marketing agency. "The 2010 Mid-Year MarketingTrend Study" is available for free download.


It's not just about integrating on- and offline data. Rob Thurner, mobile consultant, trainer and speaker for the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, points out that companies also need better data integration to support a multi-channel marketing strategy. Otherwise, companies will miss an opportunity, he told BCS.org.


What's interesting about this survey and others querying executives is that while they want better integration, they also feel burdened by both the abundance of data and their inability to organize and analyze it, the Brafton News reports.


In fact, they've started outsourcing some of the marketing work to third parties. Get this: 43 percent are outsourcing as much as one-fourth of their marketing budget.


Chief marketing officers aren't the only executives thirsting for information in a sea of data. A 2010 IBM/MIT Sloan Management Review survey of 3,000 executives found 60 percent had more data than they can effectively use. A more recent IBM survey drilled down on this issue, querying 1,700 chief marketing officers across 19 industries and found that 71 percent say their organizations aren't prepared to manage the explosion of Big Data.


Besides improving data integration between on- and offline sources, one way IT can help provide context to marketing expenditures is to integrate that data into the supply-chain planning process, recommends Jeff Karrenbauer, president of INSIGHT, Inc., a supply chain management software and consulting firm. Karrenbauer told Enterprise Apps Today:

Include marketing expenditures, which include costs, resource limits and anticipated demand impact of proposed marketing initiatives, into your supply chain plan to maximize corporate profitability. By doing this, companies [can] identify which marketing campaigns should be implemented and which should be avoided, the optimal target customers, channels and products for each campaign and the corresponding optimal procurement, manufacturing and distribution requirements, all in light of supply chain costs, capacities, service requirements and the max profit objective.
Integrating marketing is just one way to improve your supply chain management, according to the article. Another integration-related tip: Integrate finance, operations and sales into the supply chain.

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Nov 29, 2011 12:17 PM Malinda Hartwig Malinda Hartwig  says:

This article is trying to prove a point and I personally think it makes sense. I'm not especially intersted in these stuffs but I know someone who got their online MBA marketing degree and keeps me updated. I know that it's difficult to come up with a good marketing campaign for your target customers.

Nov 30, 2011 4:29 PM Neil Kirchoff Neil Kirchoff  says:

I was browsing on an affiliate network site and now after reading your article some things made me wonder! Don't get me wrong, I agree with you and your article is straight to the subject but I think that there are some people that don't want to 100% integrate their off- and on-line data.  I am one of those people that is why I am saying this.

Dec 10, 2011 6:19 PM Jessica Johnson Jessica Johnson  says:

This article is really interesting! I am a marketing analyst and recently I've got a leadership online edd degree and I advanced as a marketing executive. At the beginning I was amazed to see that there was a chaos in the company's database. There was a large amount of useless data and it took me a while until I finally organized it with the help of a mobile consultant who explained me the advantages of using data integration. 

Dec 12, 2011 2:02 PM Diane Dawson Diane Dawson  says:

As a CMO I am always trying to be on the top and to find the best alternatives for data integration. This is why I use CPC network in order to advertise my company and increase sales. In the same time I am using new IT security programs in order to protct confidential data.

Dec 21, 2011 2:42 PM Neil Kirchoff Neil Kirchoff  says:

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Dec 14, 2012 7:51 PM Hurit Hurit  says:
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Dec 18, 2012 12:48 PM spencerid spencerid  says:
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