Integration's Spring Collection? Cloud and Big Data

Loraine Lawson
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Why the Hoopla over Hadoop?

Hadoop in nine easy to understand facts.

It's spring, which means there's a slew of new product releases, upgrades and announcements from integration vendors. Not surprisingly, what's hot this year are Big Data offerings and cloud solutions that focus on supporting enterprise IT.


Let's start with the Big Data news. ReadWrite Enterprise notes there were five - count 'em, five! - Hadoop-related products launched at this week's EMC World event. That's in one day and, I think it's important to note, two of the announcements involve new distributions of Hadoop, which is an open-source Apache solution for storing and processing ridiculous amounts of data. (If you don't know about Hadoop, check out this slide show, "Why the Hoopla over Hadoop?" which breaks it down for the non-techies.)


The distributions hail from EMC and DataStax. EMC is offering a distribution/appliance combo, and already has a slew of integration partners lined up, including VMware, Informatica, SAS, Pentaho and Talend. There's a complete list on ReadWrite Enterprise. DataStax's offering is called Brisk. InformationWeek's Doug Henschen points out that these offerings are designed to bridge structured and unstructured data. He predicts we'll see a veritable arms race in this space.


This is just the beginning of the Hadoop explosion, too. Already, as I've pointed out, companies are offering Hadoop add-ons designed to simplify enterprise IT's use and management of Hadoop.


While Hadoop is still shiny and new, the cloud market is focused on more mature issues - like how in the heck can IT manage cloud resources? As Informatica's Darren Cunningham pointed out in an a recent Q&A, IT has finally accepted the reality of the cloud and is stepping up to bring some much-needed discipline to it. With integration, that means managing things like who has access to what data and when integration jobs run. Said Cunningham:

More and more, the enterprise IT organization is interested in taking advantage of cloud services, but in a very controlled way. Now, the IT organization is much more involved, generally, and when that is the case I think there's more success, but there often needs to be a lot more enterprise functionality to make sure they're comfortable with the solution.

Informatica really grabbed this issue, marketing its updated cloud platform's capabilities for "hybrid IT" departments. I confess - I bit. It's a great angle, really, and it's paid off well in free publicity.


But while Informatica may be getting the most marketing mileage out of this issue, it's not the only integration vendor touting more support for IT. Large-scale data management and change data capture are among the bragging points made about Dell Boomi's new version of its cloud platform, AtomSphere Spring 11.


Pervasive Software also announced last week a subscription-based option called Pervasive Move, Pervasive Connect, and Pervasive Protect. It's a cumbersome title, and I think it looks like three products, but it's actually one solution with three phases, all designed to help you manage data quality while integrating on-premise data with cloud data.


And then there's Scribe Software, which recently shared how it is taking the "simplify cloud for IT" philosophy a step further by creating a bypass and going directly to systems integrations and VARs, which, in turn, will handle the integration with cloud work for its customers.


This week there were also two integration-specific announcements targeting NetSuite's cloud offering coming off of SuiteWorld 2011, which is a new conference for NetSuite customers and products:

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