Informatica: The Last Data Integration Pure Play Is Still Standing, but for How Long?

Loraine Lawson

As the last pure-play ETL company, Informatica continues to be of interest in integration circles, which always seem to wonder whether this will be the year Informatica is acquired by a bigger vendor. Recently the company issued its fourth-quarter earning results, and, consequently, there have been a few trade press articles ruminating about Informatica's health.

CRN published the more traditional analysis article, reporting that the last quarter was largely positive for Informatica - something of a novelty in and of itself, given recent headlines about layoffs at Microsoft and SAP. Informatica had a 9 percent rise in revenue last quarter when compared to the same 2007 quarter, though the piece also notes profits "remained largely flat, decreasing slightly from US$20.6m to US$19.9m."


The writer also interviewed several analysts, who discussed how new products might impact this year's growth. Overall, I walked away with the feeling Informatica is walking a thin line and could tumble over the buy-out brink at any time. But, honestly, that seems to be the underlying motif in all articles about Informatica for the past two years now. The current economy just adds a layer of credibility to the general sense of impending doom.


If you'd like more details about the company's plans and standing, you should also check out TDWI's recent interview with Adam Wilson, Informatica's senior vice-president of product management and marketing. Obviously, it's a bit more optimistic, but it does take a closer look at the data integration market and how Informatica plans to compete with Oracle, SAP and IBM.

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Feb 3, 2009 6:57 PM Old man ETL Old man ETL  says:

There are some very new and interesting plays in this market these days.

www.expressor-software.com seems to be getting some strong interest these days.

The play of being more cost effective with out being stripped down is a telling story.

BI is one of the areas were companies even in these hard times are seeing some growth. Again it is about doing more with less.

I think INFA needs to look out.

Feb 5, 2009 6:56 PM An ETL fan An ETL fan  says: in response to Old man ETL

Informatica is a great product and it sure is in the top line of the ETL products.

I love Informatica. Long live Informatica.

Lot of companies are in the turmoil these days and getting a thin line (in profilts) is getting harder than ever before.

Not only IT companies, but IT individuals are also getting a hard hit , due to this.

Someone has to do something about it. (well, how can I?)

Jun 17, 2009 7:12 PM ETL Sales ETL Sales  says: in response to An ETL fan

Informatica will almost certainly be bought out if it is to survive.

Open source tools like Talend and cheaper options such as SSIS will no doubt establish themselves in the mid-market, but in an increasingly consolidated market, business are increasingly looking to mitigate risk with enterprise-wide outsourcing, which are falling into the laps of SAP, Oracle, IBM.

If you speak to the salesmen at INFA - there's a tangible sense that there's lot of pain still to come. The "hollywood accounts" aren't spending anything like they used to, and new business is few and far between.

So for me, the question is more, when rather than if... and perhaps more interestingly, by whom?

Aug 27, 2010 2:02 PM Semantic ETL Fan Semantic ETL Fan  says: in response to Old man ETL

I have had a discussion with Expressor myself. Semantic ETL is of a great interest on a project I'm a part of.

One of my concerns was Expressor not providing RDF support for the source/target stores. Applying ETL to the results of the RDF-based analytics exposes a weakness in not supporting such capability.



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