Get Your Integrations Here: Vendors Want in on App Stores' Success

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Informatica is joining the ranks of vendors offering virtual stores where developers can buy and sell connectors, mappings, vertical solutions and various other integration-related tools.


Or, as I like to call them, integration flea markets. (I'm sure I'll get about 50 e-mails from PR people on that one. So, I'll just go ahead and say it: Please. Just. Don't. I'm a blogger. I'm allowed to say things like that.)


I will say, however, that most of these marketplaces promise some sort of quality assurance or testing program, although the Informatica press release doesn't specifically address this. Still, I suspect I'm not alone in wondering about the testing origins of these tools.


The Informatica Marketplace is in beta version. Tuesday's announcement points out Informatica has a hefty community in place to support its marketplace-more than 52,000 developers from its TechNet community and 400 partners. It's also building on its Cloud Integration eXchange.


And, like most vendors, Informatica is holding a developer contest to recruit participants. You can find the link in the press release.


Informatica plans to divvy up solutions into seven technology categories:

  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • B2B Data Exchange
  • Application Information Lifecycle Management
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Cloud Data Integration
  • Master Data Management


Last month, SnapLogic announced a similar marketplace, called SnapStore; the public beta release is scheduled for Monday. Also, MuleSoft offers a similar integration store called iBeans Central, which launched in 2009.

It'll be interesting to hear from users as these marketplaces open and become fully functional.


In related news, Informatica also launched a professional services program based on lean data integration, a concept Informatica's Jon Schmidt has written about extensively. He's co-author of a book on the topic called, "An Integration Factory Approach to Business Agility."