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Coming off a long weekend is always hard. I'm not sure why, but any week after a holiday seems unbearably slow and tedious.


Maybe it's because our brains needed that break and aren't sure how to reboot. Maybe we need to recharge a bit longer.


Fortunately, holidays aren't the only way to recharge. Another much-underrated tactic is to connect with colleagues in your field, share ideas and challenges, and expose yourself to new concepts. So, if you're feeling like there's still too much Tryptophan in your system come Monday, why not build in a few breaks this week by attending a few data-focused webinars?


The Data Warehousing Institute is offering not one, not two, but three free webinars this week. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know they're one of my favorite resources for free research and webinars, largely because even though the events are sponsored, the main speakers are more consistently vendor-neutral.


Philip Russom, director of TDWI Research for data management, will discuss "Analytic Workloads: Which Data Warehouse Architecture Is Right for You?" on Tuesday, Nov. 29.


This is one of the more technical presentations, but it's extremely relevant to business demands. The write-up points out that analytic workloads are typically "demanding and unpredictable when executed," plus they require different data preparation requirements than the typical data warehousing tasks, like reporting, performance management and OLAP. It's a conundrum that raises all kinds of architectural questions.


Russom will discuss the rise of analytics and its impact on architecture and design, but, more importantly, he'll offer advice for how you can choose platforms and architectures. This webinar is sponsored by IBM.


On Wednesday, BI and Data Warehouse consultant Nancy Williams will speak on "Reinventing Your Business Intelligence Program." This SAP-sponsored webinar will focus on delivering an ROI for business intelligence projects, whether you're just starting out on BI or you've done BI, but aren't quite reaping the benefits you'd promised.


Williams will teach you how to assess your BI readiness, how to align BI projects with specific business goals and he'll share implementation advice.


Finally, on Thursday, Dec. 1, there's my favorite topic: "Developing a Data Quality Strategy." Jonathan Geiger, executive vice president of Intelligence Solutions, will discuss the major challenges of data quality programs, as well as how you can assess your organization's data quality situation and create a customized plan for change. It's also sponsored by SAP.


All of the events start at 9 a.m. PT, which is 12 p.m. ET for the East Coast. You can see a full list of upcoming TDWI webinars and register for multiple events at once. As an added bonus, TDWI offers a free research download when you register. (Not to brag, but I got "Is Your Approach to MDM Upside Down? How to Avoid the Trap of MDM Silos.")

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Nov 25, 2011 7:31 PM Bruce Newman Bruce Newman  says:

Have you seen an increase in the number of webinars and virtual events this year?

Nov 28, 2011 9:46 AM Loraine Lawson Loraine Lawson  says: in response to Bruce Newman

Maybe a small amount. They've always been popular, it seems to me.


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