Free Webinar Focuses on SOA Governance

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DM Review recently published The Top 10 Challenges of Organizations Adopting SOA. According to the article, the first mistake many organizations make is misunderstanding SOA and assuming that, in and of itself, it can solve anything.


The cure for this mistake: Think big by starting with an SOA governance model, but actually implement in small steps.


If you're in the "think big" stage of your SOA implementation - or even if you're not but you still need to address governance - you should consider attending "Governance, Quality and Management: The Keys to Trusting SOA," a free Webinar scheduled for this Wednesday, July 18, at 1 p.m. Eastern.


I've previously discussed managing the application development cycle for SOA environments, but this Webinar promises to cover managing the application lifecycle beyond development.


Jason Bloomberg, a senior analyst with ZapThink, will start the event with a discussion of SOA governance best practices. John Michelsen, founder and chief architect of iTKO Lisa, will outline how organizations can apply SOA quality management to the whole application lifecycle. (Incidentally, iTKO Lisa sells a SOA Software Automated Testing platform and is a sponsor for this Webinar). Al Aghili, the founder of ManagedMethods, which sells SOA management and monitoring tools, will wrap up the event by explaining how runtime governance can mitigate the risks of problems by providing visibility into the performance of SOA applications.


The Webinar information suggests there will be a Q&A period.


You'll need to pre-register, and that does require a company e-mail address - no gmail accounts welcome, apparently.