ebizQ Offers Free Two-Day Virtual SOA Conference

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If you find you've got an extra hour or so of free time in the next two days, why not take advantage of nine live - and free - SOA-related Web presentations offered by ebizQ Tuesday and Wednesday?


The schedule includes some of the SOA industry's biggest names - including Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst W. Roy Schulte; the Vice President and Chief Technologist, SOA, at Oracle, David Chappell; Forrester Vice President Randy Heffner; and integration and SOA consultant Dave Linthicum, of the Linthicum Group (now owned by ZapThink).


ebizQ SOA blogger Joe McKendrick offers a complete preview of the presentations, including who's discussing what, as well as links to registration pages for each of the events in his post, "Lots of SOA Tricks and Treats this Week."


Continuing with the Halloween theme, be sure to check out the link to the conference's preview event, "Tricks and Treats of SOA - Preview our SOA in Action Keynote Webinar with Forrester's Randy Heffner," which first ran in late September. You'll be sick of the Halloween metaphor by the end of the presentation, but stick with it.


Heffner starts out talking about some of the "tricks" or pitfalls, of SOA that companies should avoid, including collapsing SOA and Web services and assuming SOA is a technology solution, not a strategic solution. He also cautions that products can become a trick if you purchase them without ensuring they meet a clear need within your organization. He adds that companies can and do achieve business benefits with SOA without spending any money.


After duly warning you against unwarranted product purchases, he then outlines the unexpected "treats" included with various types of SOA products - and that's the sweet part of the presentation.


For instance, the best part of an SOA registry repository isn't the registry, but the work flow and service lifecycle tools you'll get around the registry, notes Heffner. These tools help you get to the heart of what makes SOA successful: strong governance, focused on business service portfolio management.


The presentation is worth listening to, just to determine which products will help you address some of those SOA problem areas you might find confusing.