Discussion Focuses on Master Data Management as Critical SOA-Enabler


ebizQ is hosting a discussion tomorrow on an increasingly hot topic: MDM as a critical enabler for SOA.


It's the critical part that really sells it, I think. MDM as not only a SOA-enabler, but a critical one at that.


The value of MDM for SOA has been a topic for some years now, but it seems to be getting a bit more attention lately.


For instance, as I shared last week, there's a new book from IBM Press dedicated to the topic, "Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information."


I suspect this renewed focus is because there are more real-world implementations for both SOA and MDM, but I have no hard data to support this. Then again, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why these two work together so well. MDM promises to deal with data silos and data integration problems in a manner very similar to what SOA offers application development.


Andy Hayler is the CEO of The Information Difference, a research firm dedicated to studying the MDM market. When I interviewed Hayler earlier this summer, he explained the relationship between SOA and MDM in a way that makes it clear how they support one another:

"One of the issues for SOA is you can have all these standards of interoperability, but it doesn't help you much if these applications can't understand the data they're referring to. A lot of SOA applications will struggle if there is poor master data. Anything that touches data -- and let's face it, most applications touch data -- if each of them have different versions of data, that's going to be an impediment to successful SOA applications. So, MDM can help enable SOA."

The ebizQ discussion looks like it will drill down more into this topic. The enticing lineup of speakers includes a research director with Ventana Research, the chief research officer of the MDM Institue, the president and founder of the Data Governance Institute, and a group manager for SUN Microsystems, which is sponsoring the event. Besides the MDM/SOA connection, the group will discuss best practices and the types of practices and tools you'll need to use to implement MDM.


It starts at 12 EDT, so pack a lunch if you're on the east coast.