Data Integration Slogans Fit for a Coffee Mug

Loraine Lawson
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During my years of writing on this blog, I've tried to say and show in many ways the real value of integration to organizations. At roughly 500 words a day - often more - I've tried to preach the good word of clean data, governance and "big picture" thinking when it comes to information management.


This week I learned I've been working WAY too hard. I could've done it in a mere 140 words a week.


Talend, an open source data management (now with BPM) vendor, asked me to be its guest judge for its monthly Twitter contest. Participants were asked to respond to the question, "What's the #1 thing you wish your company understood about integration?"


The contest - and the iPad prize - drew 65 tweets. There were some awesome entries. I'm not just saying that - I really think some of the contestants should open up a CafePress store, because there were several that would make great coffee mugs. In fact, there were so many good entries, I wanted to share them here with my readers. The contest was cut and dried - there was only one winner, no seconds and no categories. But if there had been categories, here's how I would've judged them:


Funniest: "A-to-B & B-to-A is easy, but when you have alphabet soup like A-B-C-D-E-F, I need a pay raise," by @craigkelker, a systems integration consultant based in Indiana.


Bitterest Response: "Moving enterprise systems back to the same mainframe is an integration joke, not strategy." @Gmatala, an open source & integration specialist at UC Berkeley.


Most "True, That": "good data quality is crucial for data migrations and integration," @Nicola_Askham, a data management consultant.


Best Preachin' It: "Dont c data integration as a tool but a process 2 transform data into info & intell 2 xlr8 bizness," @VincentTeyssier, a BI and data warehousing architect who also blogs.


Most Politically Tricky: "Dear boss: it's not immoral to integrate two systems having the same orientation!" @gmatala


Best Attempt to Exploit Social Connections: "We should view integration, not as an afterthought, but as core functionality." @Edhammerbeck, a business analyst/programmer who hears this stuff all the time because he's married to me.


Best Entry from an Expert: "how important data quality is to an integration effort!" @Dqchronicle, who is consultant William Sharp, a data quality blogger.


Most Also Good for Vendors to Know: "Drawing a cloud in PPT w lines jutting outward doesn't constitute integration architecture," @craigkelker


Best Plea from Consultant: "that they would understand the meaning of the word integration," @estrenuo, a company founded by Sander Robijns, @srobijns, a senior data warehouse/BI consultant and Dutch expatriate.


Most Likely to Need a New Job: "I wish (the rest of) my company realized that there are integration tools written this century eg @Talend," @thomasehardt, who is "some guy living in Tennessee," apparently with a really aggressive baby.


Like I said - a lot of good entries. But ultimately, I had to pick, and what drew my attention was one that spoke simply, yet powerfully, to the strategic value of integration:

Without data integration you dont have a company, you just have departments.

Congratulations to @shiningp, aka Ramses Garcia, who, judging from his twitter feed, obviously works in data management and apparently really loves "Toy Story." Enjoy your iPad!

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Dec 20, 2011 11:25 AM Ross Turk Ross Turk  says:

I think there were a lot of wonderful entries.  My personal runner-up was "Drawing a cloud in PPT w lines jutting outward doesn't constitute integration architecture".

Thank you so much for helping us judge!  It was a lot of fun.

Ross (the Talend guy)

Dec 21, 2011 10:29 AM Craig Craig  says: in response to Loraine Lawson

Great read!  I love that you applied titles to your favorites.

Flattered to hear Ross liked my PPT tweet, but too bad there wasn't a prize for the first loser!


Dec 21, 2011 7:49 PM Ramses Garcia Ramses Garcia  says:

Loraine thanks for choosing my tweet! Also thanks for my personal description: is not that i love Toy Story... i just love piatas!

Like you said... obviuosly i work in data management, in fact I recently open a company focused exclusively on Data Managment Issues in Mexico City (@eepite).

Thanks againg for your participation and also for this blog mention.

PS. Do you think i should change my twitter picture?

Dec 21, 2011 8:47 PM Loraine Lawson Loraine Lawson  says: in response to Ramses Garcia

Well - who doesn't love a piatas? I think quirky and fun is okay on Twitter - others would disagree.


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