Curious about Enterprise Mashups? Vendor Offers Three Free Webinars

Loraine Lawson

I'm not generally much on vendor-specific webinars. I think they're great if you're shopping for a specific solution, but they're hardly a non-biased source of information, particularly if you're trying to learn about something new.


That said, most webinars are sponsored by vendors, so when I pick webinars to share with you, I check it against two criteria:

  1. Is the speaker someone noteworthy or interesting? Analysts usually fit the bill, because you don't usually hear from them unless they blog regularly or you pay a lot of money to attend the research firms' conferences.
  2. Is it a timely, useful or even unusual topic that will help you do your job or make decisions?


This week, I happened to find a vendor-specific webinar series that meets criteria number two.


JackBe, an enterprise mashup software provider, is providing a free, three-part mashup training series this week. Since many companies are still exploring if and how mashups can be used for integration, I thought many of you might find it worthwhile to sit in on one or more of these webinars, which begin today.


"Mashups 101," as the title suggests, is an introduction to enterprise mashups. The webinar will share real world examples of how enterprises are using mashups to address specific issues.


For my money, though, the best of the series is Wednesday's webinar, "Mashups in Your Enterprise." This session will focus on how mashups can be used in conjunction with other enterprise technologies, and from the write-up, I think data integration will be a key issue covered in this session. Among the topics JackBe promises to cover:

  • Creating a unified view of the data from multiple accounting systems,
  • SOA and mashups,
  • Using mashups to pull information from siloed data sources into an executive dashboards, and
  • Real-time data

The third session, "The Basics of Mashup Development," will probably be the most vendor-specific, since it includes a demonstration on how to build enterprise mashups using JackBe's Enterprise Mashup Platform, Presto. The webcast will also show how mashups can be consumed through other interfaces, including Javascript, Java and Microsoft Excel. So, even if you're hesitant about signing up for a sales pitch, it may be worth watching for understanding how mashups work from creation to consumption.


Each session begins at 12, EDT, although when you register, there's an option to show the start time for your time zone.


JackBe is also offering in-person training sessions across the country that will cover much of the same material. The registration rate for the classes is $995. Although I assume you'd get more in-depth training in a class, I think I'd opt to try the free webcast first.

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