Blogger Questions Data-First Cloud Integration

Loraine Lawson

Phil Wainewright raises an integration point worth pondering in recent ebizQ post. He notes that while the cloud should make it easy to take a process-first approach to integration, most of the Saas solutions offered by U.S. vendors take a data-first approach to integration.


Why does it matter? Well, as Wainewright states, integration that focuses on process "focuses on the desired business result and integrates processes at the same time as the underlying data within them," thus data integration becomes "a means to an end rather than as an end in itself."


Wainewright writes the Software as Services blog for ZDNet, but he's also the CEO of a Procullux Ventures, a strategic consulting company that helps ISVs and other companies with SaaS. His strategic focus comes through in this post, I think: He raises several points in this article that question whether vendors are just re-creating their enterprise solutions for the cloud, mistakes and all.


Interestingly, vendors outside the United States are taking a more process-focused route, according to Wainewright, and he discusses several-including a new French startup called RunMyProcess.


I suspect, however, that U.S. SaaS integration vendors will have a rebuttal to a few things Wainewright says. For instance, he says RunMyProcess is the first pure-play vendor that he's aware of, but Boomi says it's a pure-play SaaS integration provider.


Still, overall, I think he's raising a valid question.

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Aug 11, 2010 7:08 PM Paige Roberts Paige Roberts  says:

I'm more inclined to agree with most of what Phil had to say than dispute it.  Business process focus, rather than data focus makes especially good sense in cloud integration, although really, it makes good sense in most any kind of application integration strategy.  And also, a single cloud platform for both integration and app development also makes good sense.

My main issue with the article is the assumption that only folks overseas are doing anything with business process oriented integration, or cloud-based platforms for integration and application creation. I can't speak for my competitors, but I know we've got hundreds of customers doing their app integrations on the Pervasive DataCloud and other companies like Aha! building analytics applications and such on DataCloud as well. 

North American companies are pioneering in things like bi-directional mashup implementations.  See my blog post on that from back in May: http://bit.ly/aLgoMs  It's interesting to note, though, that the companies taking advantage of Pervasive's mashup capability are in Europe.

I suspect that the perception of European integration vendors as more focused on process and cloud is based more on different customer requirements and awareness in the European market.

Just my take on it.



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