Analyst Impressed with Business Objects' New Integration Offering

Loraine Lawson

If you think of Business Objects primarily as a BI and data warehousing company, it might be time to take a second look, according to Philip Howard, a research director with Bloor Research.

Howard tried out Business Objects' Data Services XI 3.0, which combines the company's Data Integrator with its Data Quality solutions. He was pleasantly surprised and writes that this new tool makes Business Objects a serious player in the data integration market, capable of competing with offerings from IBM and Informatica. (Last month, similar statements were made about Oracle's new Data Integration Suite.)

Howard looks at the history of the three separate products integrated to make Data Services XI 3.0. He writes that Business Objects went a step beyond the usual cross-functioning integration and standardized look-and-feel to create a common user interface, giving you data integration, data cleansing and data profiling all from the same interface. He notes that this is a serious advantage, since you can now do everything from a single screen.

Apparently, SAP's acquisition last fall is working out for Business Objects - or, at least, not working against it. Intelligent Enterprise ran a piece last month on how this new offering fits in with SAP's overall strategy.

In other integration news: Suite Helps Modernize the Mainframe. Last week, Software AG released its WebMethods Application Modernization Suite. It's a mouthful, I know. Basically, the suite is designed to help you use mainframe applications with newer systems, plus the new suite includes several products recently acquired by Software AG. It's available in three versions, according to Enterprise Systems:

  • A Web Edition, which transforms "'green screen' applications into Web interfaces"
  • A SQL Edition, which offers "real-time, SQL-based access and a unified view of one or more relational and non-relational data sources, such as Adabas, VSAM, C-ISAM, DISAM, RMS, DataFlex, Powerflex, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Rdb, Sybase, and Informix"
  • A SOA Edition, which is for managing services and is bundled with service-enabling tools, an ESB and a governance and lifecycle management tool

Enterprise Open Source has the complete press release.


Mashups Get Own Track at AjaxWorld. They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. That bodes well for mashups, which will be elevated to a separate track at the AjaxWorld Conference held next week in New York City. The dedicated track will show how industry leaders are using Web 2.0 and enterprise mashups for integration and SOA, among other things. SOA World Magazine has the details.


SOA and Health Care Systems. If you're involved with a SOA health care initiative, you might want to read this sample chapter from "Service Oriented Architecture Demystified," published last fall by Intel Press. It specifically discusses how SOA addresses health care data integration, aids with health information networks and extends electronic medical records.


Integrating Salesforce.com, Google. Fellow IT Business Edge blogger Ann All blogged about this e-Commerce Times article earlier this week, but I wanted to point out it as well, since so many companies use Salesforce.com. The piece describes how Google and Salesforce.com are partnering to integrate their tools at the XML level. The piece predicts that this will be good for the CRM industry, since it's most likely a first step in Google's ongoing efforts to integrate its Google Apps cascading style sheets with SaaS providers.

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