A Starting Place for Enterprises & Open Source


Open source solutions are a bit of a quandary for enterprises. Too often, companies forego open source solutions because they just seem so darn complicated. What if you need support? What about updates? What happens if you want to add proprietary code? How can you evaluate an open source vendor? Will the solution still exist in two years?


But with the movement to Web services, SOA and other flexible means of achieving integration, perhaps it's time to reconsider. Ten Open Source Solutions Your Enterprise Should Be Using, published on SOA World Magazine, is a good place to start.


The writer begins with the premise that it's difficult for organizations to determine which open source solutions can support the needs and demands of enterprise use. So, rather than give a bunch of advice about how to decide, he simply lists two enterprise-ready open source solutions in five categories -- Web services, SOA, integration, frameworks and libraries.


Although integration is a theme for all the categories, he labels two in particular as "integration" solutions: iText, which enables Java developers to create PDF files, and POI, which is a Java-based tool that lets developers create documents from Microsoft Office files. Several of the other solutions he discusses use XML, Java, and are SOA-based.


If none of the specific solutions work for you, the writer does offer a short list of questions that can help you determine if an open source solution will work for your organization.


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