A Solution for Smaller Data Integrations

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What if you have a project-based data integration initiative that's just not quite big enough to invest in a whole platform-based solution? Or maybe you already have a platform-based solution, but you're having problems integrating that last 20 percent of the process.


What can you do?


Be happy, because, Philip Howard, director of research in technology at Bloor Research, has found an unusual solution for you: ETI's Built-to-Order Integration Solution.


And here's the intriguing part: ETI guarantees delivery of its BTO integration solutions to specifications on a fixed date and price.


Howard believes that guarantee may be unique in the data integration industry.


ETI was one of the first companies in the data integration space. Those who need visibility into their data integration like ETI, because it offers code-generated data integration, as opposed to the typical black box approach. It's BTO offering brings the same advantage, plus you can even buy the source code if you like.


Howard isn't the only one impressed with ETI's BTO integration. b-eye blogger Shawn Rogers called the solution "a very smart approach to the problem" of integrating legacy applications and systems with BI tools and SOA.


Lest you think that sounds a little too promotional, please note that I'm actually mentioning Rogers' posts because he included an easy-to-read diagram showing how the ETI BTO process works and a quick bullet list of its features.


Howard notes you can use the ETI's BTO integrations without licensing the company's ETI Solution platform. It's supported with ETI's Integration Center web portal and, if necessary, you can receive help with specifications from the company's integration engineers.


I'm not sure why Howard is just now writing about this solution. It's been around since last year, though it does seem to be attracting more press now. In February, the company issued a release detailing how it's BTO solution helped Metals USA gain instant access to financial data stored in its legacy ERP systems.


But Howard does a much better job of explaining when you would use ETI's Built-to-Order solution than previously published items, so even if you've read about it, you might want to skim his write-up.