Unified Communications Books Focus On VoIP, IP Video Benefits

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Three book excerpts focusing on unified communications and VoIP were uploaded to the Knowledge Network this week. Here's a brief look at each one with links to download the entire excerpt.


"Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications" Excerpt

This book provides insight into Microsoft's Voice and Unified Communications portfolio of products and services related to Microsoft Windows Live, Microsoft Response Point and the Microsoft Unified Communications platform. "The Communications Renaissance," the first chapter of this book by author Joe Schurman, looks at the evolution and revolution of providing voice communications over long distances.


"Voice over IP Security" Excerpt

This book focuses on the analysis of current and future threats, the evaluation of security products, protection methods and best practices for architecture design and service deployment. This excerpt is the book's entire first chapter entitled, "Working with VoIP." In this chapter, you learn about the benefits and disadvantages of using VoIP, its vulnerabilities and components. This chapter also dispels some myths.


"The Power of IP Video" Excerpt

The authors present new best practices for optimizing virtually any program or process and for improving collaboration between virtually every employee, customer, supplier and stakeholder using IP video. This excerpt contains the book's entire second chapter entitled, "The Way We Work." This chapter discusses how the quad-play technologies of voice, video, Web, and mobility are transforming the traditional workplace by enabling collaboration. Employees can conduct business any time, from any location, using any device.