Top 10 Knowledge Network Best of the Rest in 2009

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The year 2009 has been a successful one for the Knowledge Network. We have gathered almost 500 tools and resources for our readers to use in the workplace. We've already looked at the best of policies, book excerpts, checklists and calculators. Here is a look at 10 of the "best of the rest" uploaded to the Knowledge Network this year.


Job Description Template

A clear and complete job description is essential to confirming employee accountabilities, setting work direction, and creating a platform for future career progression. This template is designed to allow complete documentation of the characteristics, responsibilities, and requirements for a given job position in IT.


Glossary of Job Descriptions for IT

Having access to the latest IT job descriptions is essential to both employers and job seekers. Companies must effectively recruit people with the appropriate skills and experience, while IT professionals need to better understand the expertise required for each position as they chart their career paths. To help organizations and technology professionals in these pursuits, Robert Half Technology offers this Glossary of Job Descriptions for Information Technology.


Job Description: Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer's role is to align technology vision with business strategy by integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies. The attached document is a job description template for a Chief Technology Officer.


Designing Service Agreements

A set of best practices is helpful when designing service agreements. Everest Research's methodology includes identifying the scope of work to be outsourced, developing a financial model, planning and development, and improving the process. The accompanying PowerPoint document describes these processes and more in greater detail.


IT Sustainability Insights and Imperatives

Think Eco-Logical has gathered perspectives from a broad range of digitally dependent businesses in achieving environmental improvements and green gains. The accompanying document is a sample of the results from this information gathering.


Dashboards and Scorecards Primer

Dashboard and Scorecards are great tools that allow you to monitor the vital X's that have been identified - which are critical contributors to the quality of the process output - and to take action before a process goes out of control. This document is a basic primer and comparison of dashboards and scorecards.


Backup Guidelines

Backing up files is something some people do almost every five minutes, while others never do it at all. It's probably best to do it somewhere in the middle of those polar opposites. The accompanying document provides a suggested schedule for backing up data.


ITIL Easy Explanation Fact Sheet

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library Volume 3 is a growing body of knowledge; the library strengthens and extends the body of knowledge to cover new challenges and opportunities confronting company leaders. The following document explains the facts of ITIL.


SaaS Primer

SaaS is a software deployment model in which an enterprise application is delivered and managed as a service by the vendor to meet the needs of multiple customers simultaneously. This document is a primer for understanding and maximizing the value of SaaS solutions.


Definitions: iPhone

This definitions document takes a look at the enterprise uses of the iPhone and the security issues that hinder widespread business use.