Tools Help Get a Grip on Mobile Policy, TEM

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IT Business Edge contributor Carl Weinschenk argues in his blog post, "Mobile Policy Wonks Needed," that businesses are doing a poor job of developing mobile policies and procedures. However, Philippe Winthrop, an analyst for Strategy Analytics, is trying to change that. His new book, "Enterprise Mobility Policy Guidebook: Business Policy Edition," aims to be a tool for IT decision makers who are struggling to define a mobility policy for their organization.


Weinschenk also said he thinks telecom expense management, an expanding field that seeks to put a handle on meandering, mysterious and highly disorganized telecommunications spending, could play a part in mobile policy.


"The potential tie-in with mobile policy is that a TEM program focuses on the organization getting a handle on its mobile communications spending. Such an overview could create a roadmap for the institution of policies and procedures. In other words, TEM can be a first step to useful and effective mobile policies by helping to clearly defining the task."


For those looking for resources in mobile policy and TEM, the Knowledge Network has two resources that address this topic.


The User's Guide to Securing External Devices for Telework and Remote Accessis a publication printed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology that addresses the security issues that arise from mobile productivity.


Also, this Telecom Expense Management Calculator helps companies estimate the potential savings TEM can provide.