Time to Switch up Your Passwords

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Strolling through Digg this morning, I found a PC World article entitled "33% Use a Single Password for Everything" Having recently blogged about my dislike of having to change my work password every few months, I clicked on the link.


According to Sophos, a developer and vendor of security software and hardware, a third of Web users have admitted to using the same password for a number of different Web sites. In addition, just 19 percent never use the same password twice. Sophos added that three years ago, 41 percent of Web users said they used the same password, indicating that just 8 percent of Web users have realized the importance of strong, unique passwords.


A short time ago during my tenure here at IT Business Edge, I reformed my ways when it came to passwords. I mixed up the dozens of passwords I regularly used by creating passwords with no personal connections and including a mixture of letters and numbers. Many of the tips I have tried to incorporate came from the Knowledge Network document Protecting Your Passwords. Some other good information is in the document Information Security for End Users.


There is a multitude of ways to separate personal data from passwords. Head over to the discussion area and let us know what you do with your passwords.


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