The Top 10 Knowledge Network Policies in 2009

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The year 2009 has been a successful one for the Knowledge Network. We have gathered almost 500 tools and resources for our readers to use in the workplace. Here is a look at 10 of the best policies uploaded to the Knowledge Network this year.


Sample Social Networking Policy

Social media expert Daniel Hoang created a sample social networking policy to give companies unfamiliar with such a policy, the framework to create their own.


Facebook Usage Policy

This Facebook Usage Policy is for companies who allow Facebook use at work, but want to set limits for employees. This document provides two sets of guidelines. The first set of rules is applicable to all Facebook use, whether at work or on personal time. The second set is applicable to those who wish to use Facebook at work and use their accounts to help promote the company.


Network Security Policy Template

This Network Security Policy Template provides companies with guidance for implementing network security to ensure the appropriate protection of corporate networks.


ACU Policy for the Responsible Use of Information and Technology Resources

This policy, provided by Abilene Christian University, is designed to define the appropriate and responsible use of the information resources at ACU, which includes its campus computing and network facilities. The policy states each authorized user of ACU information resources must assume responsibility for his/her own behavior while using these resources. The policy addresses the specific responsibilities for students, employees and information professionals.


IM Security Policy

There are many security threats associated with instant messaging n the enterprise that increase a company's vulnerability. Use this template to establish a policy that will establish a control mechanism for official use of IM, delineate the role of IT in security policy compliance, create guidelines for employee use of IM and describe expectations for business unit oversight of IM use by employees.


Sample Password Policy

For some deviant computer users, passwords are made to be broken. Therefore, it's important for companies to have a strong password policy that includes issues such as password handling, composition and server settings.


Baker and Daniels Social Media Policy

Like many businesses, Baker & Daniels' employees use social media both professionally and personally. Therefore, it's important to have a solid social media policy in place to address appropriate use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This 14-point policy gives Baker & Daniels employees a firm guide for using social media outlets.


Wireless Security Access Policy

End users increasingly turn to inexpensive wireless networking resources to connect themselves to the corporate network. Because wireless network segments are inherently less secure than conventionally wired components, wholesale, uncontrolled use of wireless access will expose the organization to additional risk. Craft and implement a wireless security access policy for your organization to mitigate risk.


Sample Internet Usage Policy

The Internet lets you roam to almost any piece of information or data. However, that's not always best in the business world. Therefore, businesses often like to have a policy in place that addresses the use of the Internet. This policy template gives companies a set of guidelines in which to take, change and ultimately, craft a policy that meets its own needs.


IT Computer Equipment Security Policy

This IT Computer Equipment Security Policy helps companies establish rules for safeguarding computer equipment.