The Top 10 Knowledge Network Checklists in 2009

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The year 2009 has been a successful one for the Knowledge Network. We have gathered almost 500 tools and resources for our readers to use in the workplace. Here is a look at 10 of the best checklists uploaded to the Knowledge Network this year.


Windows 7 Features Checklist

Windows 7 has thousands, if not tens of thousands, of little tweaks and neat new features that might or might not make it worthwhile to deploy. Picking though all the changes is a matter for people who have a lot -- and we do mean a lot -- of time on their hands. This checklist helps you see which Windows 7 features are available and how those could be of benefit to your business.


Unified Communications Checklist

Unified communications is the linking of communications applications within business processes. It is a complex field where vendors number in the dozens when all the niche players are included. This checklist covers the high-level areas of concern you should explore when choosing a vendor.


Master Project Management Checklist

This checklist helps you maneuver your way through an entire project, from start to finish. This tool provides blank checklists for project initiation, project planning, project execution, project control and project closeout.


The Corporate iPhone - A Cautionary Checklist

This checklist contains 10 areas of concern you should investigate before including the iPhone in your set of corporate productivity tools.


How to Sell a Data Warehouse to Upper Management Checklist

Data warehouses offer benefits that address specific management pain points. This checklist is a list of key points you should highlight when you go before any group of upper-level managers to pitch a data-warehousing initiative.


Cloud Computing Checklist

This checklist helps users understand what to look for in a cloud. In many cases, the mass-market clouds offered by Amazon and others will not be able to provide all the features required by IT departments to run their mission-critical applications. But there are several other managed hosting providers using clouds with rich feature sets, and their numbers are growing.


Telecommuting IT Checklist

This checklist is designed to help IT managers "cover all the bases" for telecommuting arrangements when a designated work space at home replaces a conventional work space in an office building.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Checklist

This checklist examines the important factors you should evaluate before jumping on the SaaS bandwagon.


Layoff Checklist

Layoffs are a fact of life in organizations large and small, and the process is never pleasant. This quick checklist is concerned about the "what," not the "how." It covers what every manager should do prior to actually terminating an employee.


Android Applications Support Checklist

This checklist helps IT professionals get some perspective on how to get started and what they'll need to begin Android development.