Survey: Only 18 Percent of SMBs Properly Protect Enterprise Mobile Devices

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Many businesses are allowing their employees to use their smartphones as personal computers to conduct business. These employees will often communicate confidential information using that device. But rarely, it seems, do people stop to think about the potential security issues that might result from doing so.


ABI Research recently released a survey that indicates SMBs are failing to protect themselves against the threat of mobile call interception, leaving them susceptible to the loss of sensitive information. The research, which IT Business Edge contributor Sue Marquette Poremba addresses in a recent post, shows that cell phones and e-mail are both used routinely to communicate confidential information, with 79 percent of organizations that discuss sensitive or confidential information over their cell phones doing so at least weekly and 51 percent daily. Yet, only 18 percent have explicit mobile voice call security solutions in place. Said Stan Schatt, vice president and practice director, Healthcare and Security, ABI Research, in a press release:

Effective e-mail security has become routine but our research shows most businesses do not apply anything like the same level of robust security to cell phone calls. Companies that do not respond are exposing themselves to attack.

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