Study: Twitter Used Ineffectively by Majority of Fortune 100

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There is an increasing number of large and successful companies that are embracing Twitter and attracting thousands of followers in return. But what are they really saying to those fans? Not much, according to public relations firm Weber Shandwick study. Looking at the Fortune 100 companies, the study found that 73 of 100 of these companies had at least one registered Twitter account, but were not using Twitter effectively to engage their followers.


Some of the study's other findings included:


  • 53 percent of the accounts lacked "personality, tone or voice."
  • Associating accounts with a specific person or people who post on behalf of a company is preferable to having a "faceless" brand account.
  • 50 percent of accounts had fewer than 500 followers.
  • 50 percent of accounts were used for a news feed or to build brand awareness.
  • 76 percent of accounts had fewer than 500 tweets.
  • 15 percent didn't use the accounts at all.


In addition to the Fortune 100, there are thousands of other companies that haven't yet harnessed the power of Twitter. Relationships and customers are made and maintained on Twitter when the account holder knows how to leverage the Twitter platform correctly.


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