Social Media Policies Should Focus on Collaboration, Not Control


IT Business Edge editor Ann All writes that the social media rules recently put out by the Wall Street Journal and its parent Dow Jones are all about control rather than conversation.


"They hamstring reporters' ability to use channels such as Facebook and Twitter in their work and to make closer connections with their readers. (And making closer connections would seem like a good idea when Warren Buffet and lots of others are questioning the relevance of traditional print media.)"


Though it's important to have some guidelines for employees to follow, the "red tape" approach would seem to be too much of an editor looking over your shoulder. The Greteman Group, a branding, advertising, PR and marketing agency based in Wichita, Kansas, created this Social Media Policy, which is posted in the Knowledge Network. Their goal was to a create a policy that gave employees guidance on how to use and embrace online social media and, at the same time, bring value to the company.


Also, take a look at this Editor & Publisher story on the Wall Street Journal's rules on professional conduct, which includes a section on "Online Activities."


Finally, join the conversation addressing social media policies in the Knowledge Network's discussion area.