Security Measures, Strong Passwords Help Combat Attacks on Key Data


Hardly a day goes by that you don't see a headline on IT Business Edge or any other tech site about a security breach, a virus attack or some other security failure. No matter what you do, it seems like there is always a cyber thief on the prowl, and they are finding ways to capture important data.


IT Business Edge's Knowledge Network provides IT pros with a variety of tools and documents relating to security.


Passwords can be the entry point to lots of important company and personal information, and are often where hackers start their effort to access key data. Therefore it's important to create a strong and unbreakable (or at least close to unbreakable) password for any computer account. The Protecting Your Passwords document gives tips and suggestions for creating the best possible password.


In addition, the Knowledge Network contains a Sample Password Policy, which addresses issues such as password handling, composition and server settings.


The Knowledge Network also contains examples of policies that might be beneficial for companies looking to gain a secure edge. The document Sample Network Security Policy focuses on a wide array of topics including passwords, physical security, usage, backups, e-mail, viruses and good working habits.


Virus protection is one of the primary battles IT departments wage each day. Viruses actually hide themselves, often as macros, within other files, such as spreadsheets or Word documents. When an infected file is opened from a computer connected to the network, the virus can spread throughout the network and may damage it. The Sample E-mail and Virus Security Policy can guide companies to create a policy of their own.


As new security threats emerge, the Knowledge Network also gives users the chance to update information about relevant IT topics through Definitions documents. These documents seek to define the topic, address its business applications and include other pertinent facts.


Definitions documents focus on, among many other topics, E-mail Security, Security Metrics and Network Security.


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