Regular Status Reports Help Demonstrate IT Value to the Business

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Getting the Most from Project Staff

Get project staff on track quickly with these tips from Robert Half Technology.

What are your IT department's recent accomplishments? What future goals are in place? What's going on with the department's projects as of right now? What needs to get done by this time next week? Who's working on what? Any stumbling blocks or risks to deadlines or budget allowances?


These are the kinds of questions that IT managers are likely to face in regular meetings with stakeholders outside of the department. Being able to answer them thoroughly might mean the difference between those stakeholders viewing the IT department's output either as a nebulous collection of expensive initiatives or as an irreplaceable productivity powerhouse that brings clear value to the overall organization.


Info-Tech Research Group can help you get those answers from your team. Info-Tech contributed the IT Status Report Template to assist IT heads in demonstrating IT's worth to the rest of the business. In addition, the status report you provide can be used to justify expenditures, manage demand and secure the staff you need for future projects.


The customizable template includes fields for indicating status regarding:

  • Comprehensive status of key IT objectives
  • Major accomplishments or notable changes since the last report
  • Obstacles or other issues since the last report
  • Anticipated major activities or accomplishments targeted for the future


Create your own status report and tailor it to meet your business environment's needs so you can clearly show just how important IT is to the business.


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