Reduction-in-Force Tool Makes Process Less Painful

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With layoffs still occurring all over, a plan for the decision-making process behind any layoffs is a necessity for companies considering the option. This Reduction in Force Calculator, uploaded by IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens, is designed to help you with the unpleasant but sometimes necessary task of meeting a mandated reduction-in-force target. Obviously, the decisions about whom to lay off will not be based on salary alone. But once you have figured out some options, this calculator will quickly show you whether they meet the target.


This calculator is pre-populated with information to give you an idea of how it works. To make your own calculations, go to the CALC tab and delete all the sample information in the four columns on the left. In the left-hand box, enter the names and salaries of all the employees in your department. In the right-hand box (Results), enter EITHER the percentage reduction desired or a dollar figure. If you enter a percentage, the dollar figure will be calculated for you. If you enter a dollar figure, the calculator will ignore any percentage number entered. Put an "x" by the name of each employee to be laid off. The calculator will display the results of this decision. You can try as many options as you like by adding or deleting x's.


The simple but effective calculator produces a pie graph, readymade for presentations, as you can see below.