Protect Your Data Day


The International Association of Privacy Professionals, along with Intel and other IT organizations, declared Wednesday, January 28, Data Privacy Day in an effort to raise consciousness and encourage action to protect important information. Events were held at businesses, high schools and universities.


In honor of this day, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Office of Privacy Protection - the first governmental privacy office in the nation - have created a presentation that you can download. "Secure Your Computer to Protect Your Privacy" explains why computer owners should use Internet firewalls, install and maintain anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and keep their operating systems and applications up to date to protect themselves from malicious attacks.


On the Knowledge Network, The Computer Guy gets in the Data Privacy Day spirit by offering a "" PowerPoint presentation. The password primer gives users tips on creating strong passwords, such as not using any personal information like the name of a spouse or your own name. The document also gives examples of bad passwords that are likely to be hacked. The Computer Guy also uploaded a "."


The verdict is out on whether this awareness day is effective. Wall Street Journal reporter Julia Angwin said the first Data Privacy Day in 2008 didn't do the trick, at least when judged by the behavior of businesses and other organizations that collect and store information about customers and employees. In 2008, organizations reported 656 incidents where sensitive personal information was accessed by an unauthorized party, according to the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center, up from 446 such breaches in 2007.