Piloting the Knowledge Network


Navigating a new site can be a maze of complication. But I hope the Knowledge Network is a bit easier to figure out. Here are a few tips:


Read the directions.


I know many of you will not, even though I have put an emphasis on it, read the directions. But it really will help if you look at the Knowledge Network's FAQ, the instruction manual, so to speak. It instructs users on the basic functions of the site, including uploading a document and creating a discussion. So, without a doubt, start here.


Make sure you know if the document is yours.


It seems ridiculous to say, but indeed, make sure any document that you upload to the Knowledge Network is your own. In other words, copyright does matter. All initial content should originate from the uploader or a designee who uploads content on behalf of a company. Once the document is loaded, users may change or modify a document within the Knowledge Network.


The Terms and Conditions are posted multiple times throughout the site. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions could result in your removal from the community.


Look at the other documents first.


Someone else may be thinking along the same lines that you are. Take a look at the existing documents. Instead of uploading a similar document, users can make modifications to the uploaded document and make a different version of that document within the same wiki entry.


Write a document.


Start by writing a document in your area of expertise. That way, you can answer discussion questions and serve as an expert in that IT area within the Knowledge Network.


But most importantly, make sure to read the FAQ before uploading to see what kind of documents we are looking for and what format they should be in.


Start a discussion.


Feedback, reaction and opinion are key to informing and educating readers of IT Business Edge, and the Knowledge Network discussion area is the place to do it.


Once you become familiar with the Knowledge Network interface, please send me your tips or thoughts. IT Business Edge plans to continually improve the Knowledge Network so that its users will be rewarded with rich and thought-provoking content. In that spirit, as your tips come in, I'll create a different version of this document to showcase those.