Not Another Social Network


Welcome to the Knowledge Network. I'm your tour guide (aka Knowledge Network Administrator) Patrick Avery and I'm glad you found your way here.


IT Business Edge's Knowledge Network is a wiki-based social community designed to foster collaboration and discussion among IT colleagues and businesses.


Part of the Knowledge Network's purpose is to provide users with high-quality documents and tools to support your business' success. You'll find worksheets, spreadsheets, calculators, job descriptions, hiring documents, tutorials, checklists, glossaries, etc. on thousands of topics in the IT universe.


The other portion of the Knowledge Network is focused on user discussion and document improvement. Knowledge Network users can comment on any document posted or on any other topic related to the Knowledge Network and the ITBE Web site as a whole. Users also will not only be able to suggest changes to documents, but make the changes themselves and then upload the second, third, etc. version.


Why change the original document? Because information technology changes frequently. Who more appropriate to do that than the people involved directly with these issues.


As the administrator of the Knowledge Network, I'll be working with Knowledge Network partners who want to submit documents and become regular contributors to the community.


I'll also be looking closely at the content that is submitted. All of the documents posted on the Knowledge Network will be vetted more closely than any 2008 U.S. vice presidential candidate. For a full list of items you can and cannot post on the Knowledge Network, click here.


Each Knowledge Network document is moderated by me to make sure it meets all the guidelines laid out for the Knowledge Network. Each document will be edited within two business days. If accepted, it will then be immediately posted on the site. If your submission is rejected, you will get an e-mail confirming the rejection and a personal e-mail within two business days telling you how to edit the document to conform to our guidelines.


While some may call this policy strict, we have put it in place to provide our readers with the most credible and helpful documents. In the end, this is what we believe will set the Knowledge Network apart.


This is not Facebook or MySpace. You won't find pictures of your friend's latest vacation or birthday party. You won't get to tell the world in your profile how you are feeling at this moment. And you won't get a reminder when it's your friend's birthday.


So please proceed into the Knowledge Network, where we believe ITwell, Knowledge pervades.