More Knowledge Network Tips on Collaborating with Your Peers


I've given you lots of advice when it comes to the Knowledge Network with both the Knowledge Network FAQ and the blog post Piloting the Knowledge Network. But I want to let you in on a few more things.


  • Private Messages


Registered users have the ability to send any other registered user a private text message. Under "MyStuff" on the left side of the Knowledge Network page, click on "Private Messages." Simply put that user's display name (i.e., Patrick Avery, blogger09834, user73634230) into the "To" text field, add a subject, add some text and then send. You can also save user names in an address book for further correspondence.


  • Preferences


Under the same "MyStuff" tab, registered users can set up preferences to watch certain documents and blog posts that they add to or comment on. In addition, you can set your account to the proper time zone and language setting.


  • Display Name


My last piece of advice today involves your display name. As I mentioned above, users' display names vary from their actual name to a generic number. Click on "My Account" on the top right part of any IT Business Edge page, and this will lead you to your profile page. In the "Display Name" field, please put a name or nickname that we can identify you with when we respond to a comment or other message.


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