Microsoft Patch Influx Bothering You? Get Educated

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Citing a large number of Microsoft patches and security updates during the past year, IT Business Edge contributor and security blogger Ralph DeFrangesco offered his advice to Microsoft for improving security and reliability.


A few of his tips included:


  • Don't redesign Windows again. We were all used to where things were and you moved them. Less frequent updates should equal less frequent patching.
  • Don't redesign MS-Office again. See above.
  • Remove all of the unused functions; they just take up space and cause vulnerabilities.
  • Design with security in mind, not as an afterthought.
  • Improve the graphics manipulation capability in MS-Word (my pet peeve).


DeFrangesco's blog promptly incited a flurry of comments. Though it appears the commenters are far from agreement on these issues, on one issue - improving the graphics manipulation capability - they are in agreement. So at least some consensus was met.


On the Knowledge Network, users have posted several Microsoft OS and security-related tools and book excerpts. Here are a few to look at.


Windows Vista Pocket Guide Excerpt

Windows 7 Pocket Guide Excerpt

Sample Network Security Policy


And, finally, take a look at the definition document for Patch Management. Add your thoughts to this topic, as keeping on top of vulnerabilities is vital to the security and infrastructure of businesses.