Layoffs, Lowering Energy Consumption Help IT Brave Tough Budgets

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So many unknowns heading into 2009 wreaked havoc on the budgeting process for IT departments. Do I cut this initiative, lay off this person, or maintain the current server space even though I would like to expand? These were the questions that many executives had to ask themselves.


This predicament has forced company and IT heads to seek additional ways, from lowering energy consumption to layoffs, to decrease organizational costs.


Though certainly not a popular option, some companies find they need to lay off staff. IT Business Edge's Knowledge Network offers readers two tools to prepare for this task.


The Layoff Checklist covers what every manager should do prior to terminating an employee in a layoff action. It does not focus on how to conduct the layoff process, but what steps should be taken before the layoffs occur.


Another tool, the Reduction in Force Calculator, is designed to help with the unpleasant but sometimes necessary task of meeting a mandated reduction-in-force target. Obviously, the decisions about whom to lay off will not be based on salary alone. But once you have figured out some options, this calculator will quickly show you whether they meet the target.


On the energy consumption side, the Knowledge Network offers several calculators that aid companies looking at ways to create green data centers.


The Green Data Center Calculator-Virtualization will help IT departments estimate their carbon footprint. The calculator gives users a quick approximation of the results they can expect from server virtualization - installing software that enables multiple applications to run on a single server, thus reducing the total number of servers in the data center.


Decommissioning "comatose" servers, or tracking down and turning off servers no longer performing useful work, is another way to reduce energy consumption. This Green Data Center Calculator - Comatose helps determine if this can benefit your company.


Finally, the Green Data Center Calculator - Scheduled Server Power-Down gives users an estimate of the results to expect from a temporary power-down strategy - powering down servers that are not required 24/7 (such as servers executing backup software) on a scheduled basis using technology such as Wake-on-LAN.


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