Layoff Tools: Part 1


As the IT industry continues to lay off employees in 2009, some hope came this week when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before a Senate panel. Bernanke said that with careful management, the economy could stop shrinking by the end of this year and return to expansion mode next year. Though comforting, that message could mean little to many as layoffs are sure to continue throughout the year.


IT managers face a nearly impossible assignment when they have to lay off employees. But there are many things they can do before implementing a reduction in force. This Layoff Checklist, uploaded to the Knowledge Network by IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens, gives managers ideas about what to do before pulling the trigger. And while it won't be a painless process, it might go more smoothly if you implement some of these ideas.


Examples of the things managers should try to do before layoffs include:


  • Prepare your staff for the possibility of layoffs as much as possible. Termination should never come as a surprise to any employee.
  • Develop a detailed plan for handling the workload after the layoffs have occurred.
  • Arrange to cancel access privileges immediately-literally within a few seconds-after terminating anyone. Angry or disgruntled ex-employees can do significant damage to your systems the moment they return to their desks, and there are many documented cases of this happening.


Check the Knowledge Network tomorrow for a Layoff Calculator tool, designed to help you meet a mandated reduction-in-force target.


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