Knowledge Network Tools: Millennials Handbook, VoIP Book Excerpts

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The following is a list of the documents and tools uploaded to the Knowledge Network during the week of Dec. 14 - 18.


Project Management Subcontracts Checklists

This tool provides checklists for subcontract management plans, subcontract statement of work, subcontractor control, request-for-proposal, subcontract terms and conditions. These checklists give readers important points to consider when selecting and dealing with subcontractors.


IT Budget Cuts and Service Levels

This research note examines the role service level management will play in budget cut scenarios, challenges in relating real budget savings to the management of IT services, and recommendations for IT service level reductions.


Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications Excerpt

This excerpt from the book "Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications," by Joe Schurman, looks at the evolution and revolution of providing voice communications over long distances.


Voice over IP Security Excerpt

This excerpt from the book "Voice over IP Security" focuses on the benefits and disadvantages of using VoIP, its vulnerabilities and components, and dispelling myths.


The Power of IP Video Excerpt

This book shows you exactly how to make the most of these powerful new IP video solutions. This excerpt contains the book's entire second chapter, "The Way We Work." This chapter discusses how the quad-play technologies of voice, video, Web and mobility are transforming the traditional work environment by enabling collaboration and employees to conduct business any time, from any location, using any device.


Accounting 101 - When to Capitalize or Expense

This research note explains more about IT asset capitalization to better understand what finance is asking.


Millennials into Leadership Excerpt

Here's a new handbook for Millennials aspiring to be respected, effective young leaders at work.