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So, there really isn't a book club, exactly, but the IT Business Edge Knowledge Network provides our users with a growing inventory of IT book excerpts covering a wide variety of topics including social networking, green technology, identity management, business value, IT management and Windows operating systems.


Here are a few of the book excerpts we have posted in the past few months. Stay tuned for new book excerpts over the coming summer months.


"The Greening of IT: How Companies Can Make a Difference for the Environment" by John Lamb


Author John Lamb helps readers realistically assess the business case for green IT, set priorities, and overcome the internal and external challenges to making it work. He offers proven solutions for issues ranging from organizational obstacles to executive motivation and discusses crucial issues ranging from utility rate incentives to metrics. Along the way, you'll discover energy-saving opportunities - from virtualization and consolidation to cloud and grid computing - and solutions that will improve business flexibility as they reduce environmental impact.


"Millennials Incorporated" by Lisa Orrell


Author Lisa Orrell explains what makes Gen Y tick in the professional workforce and finds out what it takes to effectively recruit, manage, motivate and retain them as employees. Competition is fierce to recruit them and most GenX and Boomer bosses have no clue who these young adults really are or what makes them tick, so they find this book to be extremely valuable.


"The Adventures of an IT Leader" by Robert D. Austin, Richard L. Nolan and Shannon O'Donnell


Becoming an effective IT manager presents a host of challenges-from anticipating emerging technology to managing relationships with vendors, employees, and other managers. A good IT manager must also be a strong business leader. This book invites you to accompany new CIO Jim Barton, a fictional, yet realistic, character, to better understand the role of IT in your organization. You'll see Jim struggle through a challenging first year, handling (and fumbling) situations that are based on true events.


"The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff" by Clara Shih


This book seeks to help those who want to understand how Facebook and Twitter are changing people's behavior, expectations and relationships - and what that means for your business. The book includes examples of how real companies are succeeding at sourcing leads and engaging customers on Facebook.


"Windows 7 Pocket Guide" by Rich Robinson


This book covers the basics of customizing, improving and organizing the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. More information will be gathered once this operating system launches in the fall, but this is a good place to start becoming familiar with Microsoft's latest platform.