Job Descriptions, Tools Promote Quality IT Support

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10 Tips for Getting that IT Job

There's work out there, if you know how to get it.


Knowledge Network contributors Info-Tech Research Group have recently contributed several job descriptions, helping IT managers fill empty positions with the best possible talent. The PC Technician and Desktop Technician job descriptions target very similar types of IT professionals: support personnel who install, maintain, and upgrade desktop computers and peripherals. They also provide end-user support and participate in strategic planning to meet the organization's future computing needs.


IT managers should use these job descriptions as a starting point to attract qualified candidates for these roles. But, what about after the hiring decisions have been made? The Knowledge Network also contains tools and templates to assist PC/Desktop Technicians in providing high-quality technical support:


  • ThePC Maintenance Handbook is designed to help you find ways to maintain your Windows PCs and ensure optimal performance.
  • Paul Mah's "Seven Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Laptop" blog post encourages smart habits that will keep mobile workers productive and squeeze every last dollar out of expensive hardware.
  • Protect your Windows XP/Vista/7 computers and ensure your data is safe using the PC Security Handbook.
  • TheHardware Capitalization Template tracks the financial implications of the computer hardware and software that your organization purchases.
  • Determine your organization's prime targets for cost reduction using the Workstation and Peripherals Cost Reduction Assessment Tool. The tool provides guidance on what cost-saving actions to take, the relative amount of savings from each action, the time frame to realize these savings, as well as potential challenges and ways to mitigate these challenges.
  • Use the Guide to Spyware to gain an understanding of spyware and learn practices to defend against it.


Use these resources to staff your IT department with top-notch personnel and give them the tools they need to be successful.


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