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Real Questions for BI Vendors

Click through to see the questions blogger Ann All discovered that can make a tangible difference in your diligence.


A good business intelligence system is essential for making informed choices about products and technologies, understanding your competitors and maintaining good relationships with your customers.


Gaining a solid understanding of what BI means and figuring out what BI solution would work best for your company is no easy task. But, the Knowledge Network and IT Business Edge are here to help unravel the mystery, especially for businesses that are just beginning to explore the various options available to them.


For the IT manager who's looking for a high-level overview of BI, the excerpt from "Business Intelligence for Dummies" in our Knowledge Network is a great starting point. The accessible, entertaining book helps IT decision makers understand the principles and practical elements of BI, determine business needs, compare different approaches and implement a BI plan. Our excerpt, "Ten Keys to BI success" provides an at-a-glance reference to develop a winning strategy.


For IT managers who want to stay abreast of current BI happenings, our network site Business Intelligence Edge is the place to go for vendor, metrics, data management and emerging solutions news.


Let us help you avoid "blind spots" so you can make the right choices.


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