Hybrid of Cloud, Traditional Infrastructure Provides Best Solution


Tough economic times are leading more companies into the cloud, says John Engates, chief technology officer for Rackspace, in a guest column for IT Business Edge. But is the cloud ready?


Resistance to the cloud is an issue to some, Engates says.


"Resistance to the cloud comes primarily from two fronts, IT pros that are used to managing their own hardware, and business executives who fear the cloud as an unknown and insecure world where everybody's data is intertwined with no boundaries or safeguards. Both feel safer knowing their servers are controlled and running under their own supervision. But the price for that security is substantial and the security of the cloud is already very good and only getting better. As the economy digs its way out of this recession, tighter budgets and fewer resources will lead many IT and business professionals to their first experience with cloud and/or the more traditional managed hosting."


Engates suggests a hybrid combination of cloud plus traditional infrastructure is probably the best answer for most companies. A hybrid approach, he says, provides cost savings, the scalable on-demand infrastructure, and the security you need with very few tradeoffs.


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