How Do You Deal with E-Waste Recycling and Disposal?

Patrick Avery

Given the United States' focus on green technology and environmentally friendly initiatives, it's no surprise that technology companies have turned their attention in that direction. However, there is no mandate that addresses e-waste, as IT Business Edge editor Lora Bentley explains in a recent article.



Large tech companies have buy-back or collection processes in place so their customers aren't left holding useless equipment. IBM, for instance, directs customers to various state Web sites for guidance regarding proper disposal of their IBM-labeled e-waste.

How does your company handle equipment recycling? Do you outsource it, or take care of the process yourself? For global companies, how do you deal with the different requirements in different parts of the world?


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Jul 30, 2009 1:06 PM ricom ricom  says:

Computer Buyback and Recycling Programs aid in reducing the amount of electronics in landfills by refurbishing for reuse or by safely recycling it.  Offering recycling, trade in, and buyback programs offer customers a simple way to receive cash for their unwanted technology equipment or, if there is no value, recycle it. 

Making solutions that make it easy for customers to go green.  Computer Buyback and Recycling programs reduce environmental impact by providing a convenient way for customers to responsibly recycle data center equipment.  Environmentally, RICOM is committed to offering products and services that are environmentally practical throughout their life cycles. 


Remanufacture and reuse is only one component of the environmental lifecycle. A complete approach to the environment considers all aspects of a product's lifecycle and footprint of a product.  Systems that can be upgraded using refurbished components extend the end date of their use.  RICOM offers refurbished components in new products and packaging as an alternative of cost savings. 

Hardware asset recovery has value with used equipment Trade-in/trade-up, donation and off lease programs.  With 20 years experience in IT sales, refurbishing and recycling operations, green is good business.  Our vast portfolio of blade, virtualized configurations as well as energy star certified products cuts power costs, and consolidates data center real estate.  Recycling computers rather than depositing them in landfills or shipping them off for other nations has risk of sensitive data.  RICOM's partnered with company's assisting in such disk data sanitation services.

RICOM extends environmental technology solutions saving customers money.  Electronic products make up the fastest growing segment of our landfill waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2007, more than 63 million computers in the United States were traded in for replacements, or simply thrown out.   Discarded computers don't just take up space in a landfill. Careless computer disposal spread toxic wastes of more than 100 chemicals leaching in the soil. Be responsible, reuse certified refurbished equipment, and recycle your aging data center equipment that is cost effective both business and environmentally.

Green Asset Recovery Solutions, contact RICOM  http://www.shopricom.com/


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