Homeland Security Promotes Workplace Security


The Department of Homeland Security has released a handful of posters and a brochure that provide guidance on physical and cyber security and how to report suspicious behavior, activity and cyber incidents. The suggestions address robberies and break-ins, computer intrusions, corporate espionage, identity theft, intellectual property violations and potential terrorist attacks.


By hanging these posters in common, highly trafficked areas, the government suggests you can raise security awareness and help prevent and reduce crime and terrorism in and around your place of work - whether it's a business, a non-profit, or a government agency.


The Protect Your Workplace Campaign Posters cover the following topics:


  • Physical Security Guidelines, including monitoring who enters your workplace, reporting broken windows and locks, making backups of sensitive and critical information, and reporting suspicious activity and packages.
  • Cyber Security Guidelines for both employees and managers/IT Departments, such as managing passwords, establishing clear policies and procedures, implementing a layered defense strategy, and monitoring and logging successful or failed intrusions into your networks.
  • Cyber Incidents, including suspicious e-mails and questions, system failures, and unauthorized access or use.
  • Reporting Suspicious Behavior and Activity, such as surveillance, suspicious persons, dry runs, tests of security, and improper attempts to get supplies.

A brochure is also being distributed that combines all the information on the four posters into a tri-fold that can be kept at your desk and shared with colleagues, family and friends.