Get a Jump On the New Year With Green IT

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Perhaps one of your company's New Year's resolutions was to launch a green IT program. To get advice on how to launch this program, look no further than IT Business Edge's Knowledge Network where Terrabytes Consulting has uploaded some strategies for getting started on a green IT program.


Some of the strategies include:


Align your enterprise with experts

To separate fact from fiction, team up with a consulting agency that is focused on staying ahead of the curve with technology and sustainability. An expert will recommend the best strategies and initiatives for your enterprise.


Measure once, improve quickly

A baseline and metrics are critical to the short- and long-term success of your green IT program. An assessment will provide you with industry benchmarks and valuable data about your current operations. This data will enable you to prove the business case, set goals, effectively engage employees, measure the impact of improvements, and ensure you can demonstrate results.


Set the direction for green IT

As with many IT projects, the beneficiaries of green information technology initiatives are diverse. Working with your CFO, COO, and human resources executive will ensure you have a comprehensive direction for IT that recognizes opportunities across the entire organization.


Check out these tools in the Knowledge Network for more on green technology.