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At this point, it seems that everybody has a presence on the Internet, whether a website, a blog or a Twitter account. Everybody wants that presence to be felt, to be discovered by their intended audience, to rank somewhere noticeable when "Googling." Understandably, then, search engine optimization is critical to rising to the top of the pixelated pile.


We're cultivating a small (but hopeful) collection of book excerpts and other resources to help you reach as many corneas as possible. One of them, among the Top Ten Knowledge Network Book Excerpts in 2009, is the Search Optimization for Dummies Excerpt, provided by the people that bring you the Dummies series.


Our excerpt, Chapter 3 ("Planning Your Search Engine Strategy"), shows you how a search engine campaign works overall. On the whole, the book teaches you how to:

  • Plan a search engine strategy.
  • Build pages that offer visibility.
  • Make your site rank high with the most important search engines.
  • Avoid things that search engines don't like (and tricks that might actually get your site penalized).
  • Use Google universal search, image search optimization, XML sitemaps and more.
  • Choose the right keywords.
  • Track and measure your results.
  • Increase your exposure with shopping directories and retailers.
  • Boost your position with popular links and social networking sites.
  • Use pay-per-click in ways that get the most bang for your advertising buck.


Other resources on IT Business Edge include Pal Mah's helpful guide to SEO for small-to-medium businesses (or SMBs). In the guide, he offers descriptions of and insight on fundamental terminologies about this "somewhat finicky yet vital field."


We aim to add more SEO-related tools to the Knowledge Network. Help us by registering to become an IT Business Edge member. After registering and setting up your profile, you'll be able to contribute documents and discussions to the Knowledge Network about any aspect of business life relevant to IT managers, workers and experts.


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