Evaluate SaaS Options with Primer, Checklist and TCO Calculator


IT Business Edge contributor Loraine Lawson recently spoke with Ken Comee, CEO of Cast Iron Systems, about the company's expansion into virtual appliances and software-as-a-service (SaaS) integration. Though, he says, in-house solutions are still more prominent, SaaS applications are on the rise with those companies looking to do more with less.

"As you see more and more of SaaS applications doing well in the marketplace, customers bringing in SaaS of all flavors, the Achilles' heel is the ability to quickly and easily and cost-effectively get it connected with the rest of the enterprise. Our growth is really feeding off of the growth in SaaS and the need by customers and partners alike to get the SaaS applications integrated and driving value as quickly as possible."

For those looking to get a quick intro to SaaS, the Knowledge Network provides a SaaS Primer and a SaaS Checklist to help users understand and maximize the value of SaaS solutions.


For more in-depth help, turn to this SaaS vs. On Premise TCO Calculator, which lets you quickly compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a SaaS solution to the TCO of an on-premise solution. After you enter the appropriate data, the calculator presents two results: TCO, and annual costs -- the sum of the annual licensing/subscription fees, annual management costs, and the total cost of start-up and upgrades amortized over the number of years in the calculation.