Engaging Employees in Your Green IT Plan a Must

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Engaging employees in your company's business plan is a must if you hope for your employees to take pride and work hard toward your business's goals. So it's no different when your organization undertakes a green IT plan. Britt Burnham of Terrabytes Consulting, in a document uploaded to the Knowledge Network recently, gives businesses seven tips for Engaging Employees In Your Green IT Plan. Those tips include developing a communications plan, empowering employees to monitor their green behavior and setting targets.


Develop a Communications Plan
Experts recommend starting with a communications plan to identify the many ways you can communicate with staff and keep them motivated. Here, you will explore the corporate culture and establish the best tone for your messages. Your communications plan will force you to think about how you want your employees to participate and help you determine the best message and communication tools.


In addition to providing information to the employees, it's important to empower them to monitor their behavior. Engaging them with targets and empowering them to monitor their consumption are effective strategies. Tools such as printing controls, which track who is printing, how much, to what printers and if they are printing double-sided help to change users' behavior.


Set Targets
Metrics drive awareness and commitment. They prove that the employees' efforts are making a difference and that the initiative is worthwhile. An assessment of your current operations is the best way to start as it will give you a baseline to measure your efforts against. This will be one of the most effective engagement strategies you use.


Take a look at the rest of the document in the Knowledge Network for more tips.